4 Software and Apps for Customer and Inventory Management

20 Jun , 2017 Articles

4 Software and Apps for Customer and Inventory Management

Digitization of inventory management is now the trend in the business arena. New software and apps for customer and inventory management are joining the business solutions market each day. In this regard, as a conscious entrepreneur, you need to be part of the new trend for you to remain competitive and relevant.

However, with the influx of customer and inventory solutions, it may pose a challenge when selecting the right solutions to install in your business. This article presents to you a review of four software and apps that are essential for your customer and inventory management. Here they are:

1. Lettuce  – Lettuce is an inventory app that combines both inventory and customer relationship management. The app has the capability of payment processing, order capturing, tracking, among others. Also, the software offers a cloud-based web app that enables you to access your business records through an iPad. You can also add other users to the app though you will require an additional cost set up expenses.

  1. Inventory TrackerAnother inventory management app that you can use in your business is the Inventory Tracker. Inventory Tracker is an iPad inventory app that enables you to track your stocks through a mobile phone. The app has inventory management features similar to that of the computer based inventory solutions. Notably, the app is free for use hence you do not need any costs. However, you can upgrade it to pro level at only $3.99.
  2. Base CRMAccordingly, Base CRM is a customer relationship management designed for business with few sales levels. The software has a simple to use features that enable your business to maintain a great relationship with your customers. Importantly, the app has options for calling and texting your customers as well as tracking your leads to ensure efficient deliveries.
  3. JumpStock JumpStock is inventory management software that works more like a human inventory officer. The software enhances time-saving and effectiveness in your organization. Also, you can install the software on your mobile phone to keep you updated on about your inventory status.


In summing up, JumpStock, Base CRM, Inventory Tracker, and Lettuce are some of the leading software and apps for customer and inventory management. However, there are other varieties available in the market. Hence, you can choose one of the above or go for others that fit your organizational needs as well as those within your budget.

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