Inventory Management Software – Accounting System

20 Jun , 2017 Articles

Inventory Management Software – Accounting System

It is vital to know the history of your information and be able to track its origin. With inventory management software – accounting system you can quickly identify the user and track any data that is entered, changed or deleted.

When it comes to security and tax purposes, it is extremely important to track changes made to financial data and transactions. We all know that with Excel, it can be quite challenging for small and mid-sized businesses to keep track of users and who has made the changes. However, there is a solution that can solve all of your inventory and accounting problems. The inventory management software or accounting system provides security measures and tracks modifications made within the system.

If you experience common issues such as inability to track the process or information of a transaction and check its corresponding result, have difficulties in managing when the data was modified and by whom or the employees can delete data by accident and there is no way to restore that data, it means that you definitely must implement an inventory management software!

Here are the benefits from implementing an inventory management software:

  • Have an up-to-date audit trail You will be able to track exactly when the data was entered, changed, and deleted and by whom.
  • Transactions and products in reports are linked to simply track where the transaction was entered and by whom. It also provides all the relevant information and details you need.
  • Set restriction periods so the data that has been previously entered, cannot be changed or deleted.

The key functions of the inventory management and accounting software are:

  • Reports linked to corresponding vouchers – The reports in the program are hyperlinked so they can find the exact source of the entry and the corresponding information. It can also identify the user who has created the original entry.
  • Process history You can search the history of all information entered or modified in the Inventory and Accounting modules. You can view time, date, and user history.
  • Set restricted periods You can set a restricted period to update on a certain interval, the Master IDS can modify the limited period settings. This feature is helpful during monthly and year closing.

So, if you want to take your business to the next level, the inventory management and accounting software is an efficient solution!

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